In my teens I suffered with mental health problems, anxiety and depression and, as I got older, I made the decision to overcome my problems. Medication wasn’t something I wanted to use, because of the side effects, so I had to look elsewhere.

so, I got to thinking…

If I can find coffee beans that fit the bulletproof quality standard but mycotoxin free, then I’m onto a winner.


Mindful Coffee

After making changes to my diet and exercise – and my coffee - I was a different person. I functioned well in life and my anxiety hardly ever bothered me but there were times when it would come back and I really wanted to get a better handle on things. I could only benefit from it.

That’s when I discovered meditation and mindfulness. To me, meditation was a religious, spiritual ‘thing’ – I hadn’t appreciated that science shows meditation positively changes your brain, alleviating many mental issues, including depression and anxiety.

What helped me to understand that meditation was for me was the Headspace app. It’s brilliant for beginners, guiding you through the process and teaching you that you can’t stop your negative thoughts or fight them, but you can observe them as separate to you and allow them to pass having little effect on you.

Practicing mindfulness in this way taught me to be present, calming my mind so that I could use it at stressful times to stop me getting into a bad state and allowing me to stay focused.

One of Headspace’s greatest messages is to create a routine for meditation, finding a specific time of day and setting aside 10 minutes to practice.

Every morning, like all coffee drinkers, I have coffee so instead of drinking it whilst rushing to get ready for work or worrying about the day ahead, I would get up a bit earlier and use my coffee time to sit and practice mindfulness. This was a game changer for me. I would find the time and the difference to my overall mental state was remarkable. I was happier and better able to cope with daily stresses.

This is how Mindful Coffee was born. I brought together my love of coffee, taking care of myself and having a mindfulness session to keep me on the right path in life.

Being a highly empathetic person, I care about others and want to encourage them to take steps to improve their own wellbeing – I believe a daily mindful coffee morning could help tremendously.

Of course, it won’t fix everything, and it isn’t a magic bullet, but it will help people take more control of their minds and help them take steps elsewhere to improve their lives.

Brad Founder

What Our Customers Say

The richest full bodied decaf I’ve ever had!

This is the best decaf I’ve ever tried! I often miss the depth and flavour of caffeinated coffee that many decafs lack - but this coffee is lacking nothing! So impressed! Thanks guys!☕

Great coffee

It's really difficult, and an absolute maze, to get good quality organic coffee!! In my view, Mindful Coffee has it all.... Organic, Bulletproof, Mycotoxin Free (Lab Tested), Freshly Roasted, Single Origin and Speciality Grade. I mean what more do you want? Even my body tells me this is good coffee!! I wouldn't set off for anything else. Be good to yourself and buy Mindful Coffee.

Just... Wow!

I'm no coffee expert but this stuff is exquisite. It feels clean, I can't quite explain why, but there is a distinct difference this and shop bought coffees. I feel good drinking this and knowing what care has gone into producing and distributing it. No turning back now!

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